The Loop

Today RetailDetail has presented The Loop in Antwerp, a knowledge centre that wants to teach professionals about the stores of the future and the ‘customer journey’ of both now and the future, across all the possible channels.


Jorg Snoeck, CEO and founder of RetailDetail, has launched The Loop in order to give people the opportunity to see how things will evolve in the future. “Retailers have to focus on three issues nowadays: omnichannel, customer experience and customer relations”, he said. The Loop wants to help retailers, suppliers and manufacturers to see how they have to deal with a fast-changing world.

The store focuses on the customer journey as it clearly indicates the shifted balance of power, which is firmly in the customer’s favour. Because of his superior knowledge, the customer directs the purchase plan, not the retailer. “To start from the retailer would be a wrong depiction of reality”: only the consumer is a valid starting point as everything else is “only marketing” and “layers and ways to get the product to the consumer”.


Consumers want to find the cheapest option and that means they often bypass the retailer entirely, something that is even more easily achieved through e-commerce. This also means that large brands are under attack as retailers strive to push their own brands into the hands of the consumer.

That will result in a new type of ‘fight’ between business models, as well-known brands fight for their spot in stores, while retailers may want to focus on their own brands with higher profit margins and therefore might prefer giving shelf space to their own brands.


Brands can not easily win this fight, which is why they have to become something the consumer can rely on, in the same way that customers believe retailers are reliable. Through online communities, their own web shops and flagship stores, brands may try to connect to their audience and tie them down to their brand, so that they become ‘love brands’. Coca-Cola and Apple are two often cited examples of such love brands.

The Loop “provides a smart selection of what is possible, both today and in the future, in the ever-evolving world of retail. We want to show the current trends and evolutions (how to get customers to attach to your brand or how to integrate channels) in a very understandable way”, Snoeck states. “We only have one mission: to allow brands and retailers to become smarter and more successful.


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