Software development

Our expertise lays in project management, design, software development and testing services. We strive to support our customers in creating products against the best price and performance by using young, experienced programmers and using the latest technologies.

How we develop software


At Manageyourmedia  we work very closely with our clients to provide custom software solutions. We gather customer requirements and split them in deliverables. At the end of each sprint we demonstrate the progress we have made. In this way we can adopt required changes early and easily. Our clients are always fully aware and in control of the progress.

Software platforms

Our broad scope of knowledge covers desktop, web and mobile application development by always using the latest proven technologies. As your IT partner Manageyourmedia is experienced in building cross-platform compatible software, allowing you to run your software on different operating systems.

Technical Skills

To be on the edge of innovation, our employees are continuously improving their technical skills and abilities.working closely with the technical university. Our main areas of competence include, but are not limited to the following:

• .NET (C#, VisualBasic and ASP);
• Java;
• C and C++;
• PHP;
• Python;
• Flash;
• JavaScript;
• SQL (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).

Software testing

We do manual testing, functional testing, end to end testing, software usability and quality reviews. We test performance, security, and compatibility. We extensively use regression tests. In terms of software development,Manageyourmedia has a wide scope of testing, starting from simple web pages, complex multi-tier desktop and client-server applications and finally biometric security applications.