Our royalty free music channels

Young & Free

Youthful and energetic epic pop beats. Here you’ll find a mix of the modern sounds of the EDM-related including house, electro and dubstep. But also high-octane punk and rock tracks.

Each generation translates the time they are in for themselves, and electronic dance music has followed. Combining several dance floor micro-genres into one coherent soundtrack, Young & Free caters to a rich and vibrant selection of the most modern musical expression there is – enthusiastic computer music. Intensities are adjustable too, from hands in the air to daytime by the waterfront.

Energy Level: High

Now Pop

New Pop with confident melodies, huge and perfectly pitched choruses and catchy hooks, offering a fresh and accessible contemporary sound.

Blending traditional pop with R&B and EDM, Now Pop’s polished and joyously bombastic sound is suited for fast paced businesses such as malls and casual restaurants. This is the kind of energetic and cheerful music that will cater to families as well as twentysomethings.

Energy Level: High

Smooth Lounge

Smooth Lounge features elegant and low-key sounds in a modern format, including styles such as soft house, R&B, nu-jazz and slick soul.

The channel provides a sophisticated and laid back feel, combining the polished sounds and subdued woozy textures that appeal to globetrotters in hotel bars and restaurants. Trendy and stylish, Smooth Lounge expresses desire as well as introspection.

Energy Level: Low-Mid

Adult Pop

Casual classics. Who says they don’t make them like they used to? The same craft that was put into making feel-good oldies can be heard in new recordings as well!

Try putting that notion to the test by getting this perfect mainstream channel in rotation at your café or in your consumer goods store.

Energy Level: Mid

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