Our music service is a tailor made package which will increase your sales and cut your costs making big savings, not paying any authors- and neighbouring rights.


• Choosing our DAM (Directly Acquired Music) and you’re not paying any rights at all, what saves you minimum hundreds and for bigger areas till thousands of euros per year.
• Our DAM solution is the cheapest on the market with the biggest catalogue
• A unique hardware solution, based on a simple solution for streaming or installed remote on your Windows based PC.

Sales increase

• Universe and college studies prove that the right music on the right place for the right audience increase sales. We make a very dedicated analysis for your target audience.
• The integration of jingles, spots or advertising is an added value for commercial proposals, but have in mind not to use Copyright content.
• Extra services adding video and static content is another strong service of Manage your Media. We aim to have a very user friendly and cost effective Digital Signage solution.

User friendly

• Streaming tailored on demand especially for your audience.
• Plug & Play with a simple installation without any issues.
• No interference needed from any staff at all.

We offer you a FREE music analysis and to convince you we give you a FREE test for the period of 10 days to be installed with remote services.