Mobile Content Messenger

Your own branded mobile video player with push technology to send and store video footage to mobile devices for seamless mobile content viewing

All of our research into the present and future marketplace point to a world where mobile devices and social platforms become the number one medium and platform for accessing the Internet and connecting with people. There is too much content for a consumer to possibly absorb. This implies that context is the key element and will continue to be important for a long time.  If context is key then communicating with an individual on a personal one-on-one basis is a real opportunity.

Marketeers relish the opportunity to connect with individuals on a 1-on-1 basis. , but are hesitant of intruding into their personal space.  Manage Your Media created the “white labeled” branded video player with push technology : video footage is stored on your mobile device , so no streaming or buffering. The technology pushes video clips,  templates, photos, instructional/training videos and other digital content to any mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones.

The consumers register on our website and download the ‘white labeled’ MyMo video player. Now brands, retailers are able to communicate with a well defined group of customers.