Interactive Feedback

The Concept : Feedback

Customers have many thoughts on products and services – both positive and negative ones. However, those thoughts are not communicated by the majority of customers (‘The Silent Majority’) because of different barriers such as personal inhibitions or a lack of contact persons. That is over now – our innovative communication solution collects praise, criticism and suggestions anytime on-site and transfers them directly to the responsible contact person.

Hence, companies receive real-time valuable customer feedback; they can improve their service and thereby enhance both their customer satisfaction and their profitability.

Operation (Example: ‘Hotel’)

After selecting an area of the hotel such as ‘restaurant’ or ‘room’ the end customer submits individual feedback within 30 seconds through predefined templates. When using previous feedback systems such as paper-based questionnaires end customers are limited to predefined questions and have to submit feedback in an intricate way. Our software bridges this complicated process and provides end customers with an entirely new service experience – instantaneous and comfortable feedback submission that is anywhere available through innovative new technologies.

Customer Benefits

Our solution creates transparency of established processes, it facilitates the monitoring of service quality and thus enables a sustainable process optimization. Additionally, it reduces the costs of established systems such as surveys or questionnaires. Optionally, we offer companies a return channel to the end customers in order to contact them with regard to their feedback if desired.         Companies can improve the customer loyalty and the level of service and thereby enhance the frequency of visits and usage of services of regular customers and simultaneously keep potential defectors and acquire new customers.

Our idea is to collect the thoughts of end customers through a new communication channel anytime and anywhere, easily and in a comfortable way; these valuable data are structurally processed and transferred in real-time to the responsible contact person.

One of our key tools in Delight management strategy

By scanning or typing in a Code end customers can submit feedback with any web-enabled mobile phone or notebook within 30 seconds on-site – the installation of an application is not necessary. The  system transfers the customer feedback in real-time to the responsible contact person in the company and provides statistics and summaries in the form of reports. Optionally it enables the companies to contact their customers directly. In order to call attention, table cards or business cards are placed at central areas of the company, for example at hotels or restaurants.

Additionally, our terminals are positioned at strategically important areas, so that end customers who do not have a Smartphone can submit feedback anytime as well. It is an application that allows the contact/toughpoint with the end consumer.

You’ll extend the product experience and increase retention.

The functionalities of this application are the following :

  • Determine the look and feel of the application
  • Real-time feedback through push mails directly to management.
  •  Unique URL and Qr-Code per branch.
  • Customer receives real-time mail with “a thank you” for giving feedback, this he will also receive a voucher that they can redeem at his next visit to one of the shops.
  • Through online reporting module all ratings incl. To benchmark insightful and 24/7 access.
  •  In several languages

Objective of our customers:

  • Increase the dialogue with customers
  • Delight management measure through NPS
  • Comparison with other sites
  • Detecting urgent complaints
  • Mystery shopper
  • Dashboard

Based on the total number of feedbacks you will see the average customer satisfaction on a 1-5 scale in relation to the various items