About MYM

MYM is an interactive signage solution delivering your communication campaigns cross-channel to your consumers. We deliver your message via any display device, at any place at the right time. The customer is at the heart of your smart communication to attract, serve and retain customers.

MYM helps you meet the challenges in an omni-channel world. We advise you and offer the tools communicate one-on-one with your customer.

Why MYM?

Engage Your Customers in 1-on-1 Conversation

Driven by relevance always respecting privacy. That moment in time matters most and can convert thoughts into action. Our solutions encourage bidirectional communication with permissions so you are always in dialogue.

Leverage Your Existing Assets

We make your existing marketing assets work harder by finding the right audience via the appropriate channel.

Put Your Content in Context

We help you connect your message by cutting through content noise. We work to ensure your message resonates and is delivered at the right place and time enriching the experience.

Evaluate and Optimize

Effective conversations rely on constant feedback and improvement. We turn your project metrics into an action plan that delivers system optimisations and a higher return on investment.